2020 Year of the ADU

Home sweet, tiny home…❤️

It’s official! With a slew of new laws going into effect for California, 2020 is the year of the ADU.

In addition to ADUs being easier and less costly than ever to permit, California’s new 2019 Energy Code is now in effect. This means that all new construction in California will be more efficient than ever before.

The good news is that all Alameda Tiny Home ADU Designs already met or exceeded the standards set out in the 2019 California Energy Code.

…the standards also encourage demand responsive technologies including battery storage
and heat pump water heaters and improve the building’s thermal envelope through high performance attics, walls and windows to improve comfort and energy savings.

-The California Energy Commission

It’s estimated that buildings constructed under these new standards will be up to 53% more efficient than the expiring 2016 Energy Code.

Though our buildings already have many energy efficiency features such as continuous rigid insulation, cool roof shingles and energy star appliances, we have updated all our designs for 2020 to be all-electric by default! This means that our standard units no longer come with natural gas water heaters. Instead we are including the latest energy saving technology available- heat pump electric water heaters.

Since all our designs are also Solar Ready this means you are ready to take advantage of savings from your existing Solar PV system or you can add one as part of your new accessory dwelling unit. All of our units can be configured for a 2kw or larger solar PV system.

Are you ready to get started with your Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU)  project or just want to find out more?

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