The Beauty of Family and Friends in Your Backyard

So my sister, husband, and 3 cherubic (seriously, they are) nephews and niece came from the East Coast for an Alameda visit. Our home is a modest 1800 sq ft. but we do have a guest room/office with a comfy for 3 days max. Ikea pullout couch. An inflatable toddler bed manages to squeeze in nicely between the wall. My how they had grown. Sleeping bags in the living room, tooth-brushing parties, shoes everywhere…the stuff childhood memories are made of right? Okay, yes but… thank the baby Jesus it was Summer with “let’s go back outside” time. I realized then that our 150 sq ft. guest room (a.k.a. home office) wasn’t going to cut it if I wanted to keep my sanity and also make sure my family remained willing to keep making the cross-country trek. Cue the cute backyard cottage.

Alameda Tiny Homes ADU Design Permit Build

I would love it if the next time they come, my sister and her husband would have their own room (and real bed!) and the kids I’m sure would happily occupy the old Ikea pullout couch and upgraded twin inflatable. And, they’ll get to wake up on East Coast time, make some coffee and watch Peppa Pig.

Family visits can often be loaded – fortunately with my sister & co. they never have been – but I know the individual space will make for a more peaceful visit all round.  Tooth-brushing parties will persist.