Living Tiny Has A GIANT Impact

Live below your means, own less stuff, make do and mend, prioritize your life, and get out and live more. Get involved in your community and support your local businesses on the island. Living small is not chasing “more”, but instead learning to find the more in less. It’s about utilizing the space you have, shrinking your carbon footprint, and being an active member in your community (whatever that looks like for you).

Reducing one’s carbon footprint requires more frugal sacrifices than buying less stuff (such as flying less, eating less meat, using more public transportation), but it’s a good place to start.

ADUs and the global supply chain

With global climate change impacts looming, this holiday season offers an opportunity. We can change our shopping habits, decide to give more thoughtfully, to buy more locally and less overall. Yes, most households are hard-wired to splurge on end-of-year gifts, and some people will never stop even if the crisis worsens. The climate change issues can, though, lead us to buy more conscientiously.

To buy less with more intention is achievable for everyone, especially affluent shoppers. It’s incumbent on Americans, the wealthiest people in the world, to cut back on and be critical of their consumption.

According to sustainability researchers, intent matters. Making the active choice to think twice before we buy could improve both our happiness and quality of life. It could help shape social norms and influence others toward more-sustainable choices.

Quality of Life

Don’t assume you are adopting a lower quality of life by owning and buying less or living in a tiny home. It’s not about renouncing buying or the building of new things, but choice to live a bit more deliberately.

Building a tiny home ADU in your backyard- even in the midst of a global climate change challenges- is about making the choice to improve the quality of your life, or maybe someone you love.

Garden Boxes Bring Life to Your ADU