Our ADU Designs

We did the homework so you don’t need to!

Our custom ADU designs are ready to permit and build.

Our Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) designs are purpose built to give you the best possible living experience, while streamlining the permitting and construction process. Our relentless attention to detail removes the guesswork of time and cost that is typical to the custom design and build process. You will know the complete cost before you begin.

Our focus means you can get a quality Studio ADU, modern and efficient Tiny Home ADU, or spacious One Bedroom or Two Bedroom ADU that can be permitted and built quickly and efficiently. Typically, permits are completed in under 60 days with construction complete in less than 90 days after we start building.

These aren’t factory built or modular ADUs! We tailor your ADU to match the architectural style of your primary residence and customize internal layout and features to meet your specific needs.

Every Alameda Tiny Home is 100% hand crafted by our local staff.