Our ADU Designs

Our Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) backyard cottages are designed to give you the best possible living experience, while streamlining the permitting and construction process. Our relentless attention to detail and years of experience removes the guesswork of time and cost that is typical to the custom design and build process.

We handle everything. From the permits and utilities to the quality finishes and name brand appliances, you will know the complete cost before you begin and you will have a move-in ready cottage when we are done.

Studio, Tiny Home, One Bedroom or More

We are ready to permit and build you one of our high quality Studio ADU (efficiency dwelling unit), modern and convenient Tiny Home ADU, or spacious One Bedroom or Two Bedroom ADU. If you are looking for a beautiful garage or Accessory Structure that you can later be convert to an ADU we can do that too!

Landscapes, Hardscapes and More

Your backyard project doesn’t end with just a new backyard cottage ADU! We offer comprehensive landscaping design and implementation services including hardscapes planting, irrigation, lighting, drainage, turf and fences.

Expedited Permitting and Construction

We have the experience and expertise to have your cottage permitted and built quickly and efficiently. Permits are typically completed in 30-60 days! Your cottage can be finished less than 90 days after we start!

Hand crafted by our local staff, inspected by your local Building Department

These aren’t factory built or modular ADUs that won’t appreciate like a real hand built home! Your new Alameda Tiny Homes backyard cottage ADU is an heirloom quality investment that will provide decades of value and enjoyment.

Custom Architecture And Pre-DesigneD Simplicity

Are you looking for an ADU that works with your Historic Victorian or Craftsman? Do you want a Classic Guest Cottage or Modern or Farmhouse style backyard home? All of Our ADU Designs can be tailored to match the architectural style of your primary residence. We can customize our designs to meet your specific needs.